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If you are a commercial driver, you need to fill in a logbook. Logbooks provide a record of your work activity and enable enforcement officers to check compliance with the work-time rules.

Logbooks must be approved by the NZ Transport Agency, to make sure they record all the information required by law. Traditionally, they have been paper based and require drivers to make handwritten entries. However, the Transport Agency now approves electronic logbooks that meet the required specifications.

Approved electronic logbooks

To date six electronic logbooks have been approved by the Transport Agency for use in New Zealand.

  • ERoad
  • Logmate
  • Sibatec
  • SmartMove
  • TeletracNavman
  • Trackit
  • Picobyte Solutions Limited (formerly Xlerate Technologies Limited)

These electronic logbooks should not be confused with GPS logbooks currently available on the market, which are designed to different specifications and standards.

How to apply to have an electronic logbook approved for use in New Zealand

To be considered, electronic logbooks must meet minimum specifications to make sure they will comply with the law.

Find out more about the minimum specifications for electronic driver logbooks [PDF, 65 KB]

If you want to apply to have an electronic logbook approved, you will need to download and complete the form below.

Application for the approval of an alternative means of recording matters relevant to the monitoring of work time [DOC, 107 KB]