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Visiting driver project

The Visiting Drivers Project is one example of the Transport Agency, its road safety partners and the tourism industry working together. The focus of the project is on improving road safety for visiting drivers, while maintaining our reputation as an attractive and safe tourist destination.

Self-drive overseas visitor numbers are on the rise and are expected to continue growing. The project is focused on the Otago, Southland and West Coast regions, which have highest concentrations of visitor drivers on their roads.

Initiatives that have already been rolled out nationally as a result of this project include a ‘steering wheel safety tag’, similar to a luggage tag, fitted to the steering wheel of hire vehicles, reminding drivers of key New Zealand road rules.

The rental vehicle industry has also amended its standard form rental vehicle agreements, making it easier for rental vehicle operators to immediately cancel hire agreements if drivers pose a danger to others. A range of work is planned over the next three years including changes to road signs and markings so they are more visitor driver-friendly, to the more effective provision of information to help keep visitor drivers safe on our roads.