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Work category 001 provides for the management of regional authority statutory land transport planning activities related to the development and management of regional land transport plans (RLTPs).


Qualifying activities

Qualifying under this work category are the actual costs, including overheads, associated with the development and management of RLTPs (including consultation, approval, variation, management and reporting).


  • Examples of qualifying activities

    These include, but may not be limited to:

    • development of a regional strategic case highlighting the key problems within the region and the priorities for investment that meets the requirements of s.16(2)(external link) of the Land Transport Management Act (LTMA)
    • aggregation and quality assurance of, and consultation on the programmes of activities submitted by approved organisations and the Transport Agency (state highways)
    • prioritisation of significant activities proposed for inclusion in the RLTP as required under s.16(3)(external link) of the LTMA
    • assessment of the RLTP as required under s.16(6)(external link) of the LTMA
    • aggregation, analysis and reporting at a regional level of activity monitoring and other external data sources to monitor the implementation of the RLTP.

    You can discuss with the Transport Agency whether other potential activities not listed above might also be eligible for inclusion in this work category.

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Developing regional land transport planning management activities

Regional and unitary councils develop these activities using the regional land transport planning management module in Transport Investment Online. When approved organisations request funding for a particular activity, they must include this in the relevant RLTP and request funding for the three years of the associated National Land Transport Programme (NLTP).



Funding assistance rate

The usual funding assistance rate (FAR) is:

Definition of terms used in relation to RLTPs

  • Terms used

    See below for definitions of the terms used in relation to the above content on RLTPs.

    Preparation (RLTP)

    The gathering and assembly of the inputs from approved organisations and the Transport Agency (state highways), information technology support, production of reports and recommendations for RTC consideration and submission to the Transport Agency.

    Management (RLTP)

    The variations required for, and monitoring of, implementation of the RLTP. 


    Drafting and publishing of proposals, advertising, managing the consultation process, hearing and analysis of submissions, and the production of reports and recommendations for decision makers. 


    Production of final documents with recommendations, obtaining approval, promulgating decisions and making these available to the public. 

    Variations (RLTP)

    Analysis of requests, preparation of submissions and recommendations, actioning decisions and advising outcomes.


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End-of-year carryover

Activities funded from work category 001 are only funded for a particular NLTP. Any remaining funds at the end of an NLTP will be surplussed and not carried over into the next NLTP.