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Work category 322 provides for the upgrade or replacement of existing bridges and other road structures, where this is the main purpose of the work.

Qualifying activities


  • Examples of qualifying activities

    Examples of qualifying activities include, but may not be limited to:

    • replacing a structurally inadequate bridge
    • replacing a bridge for non-structural reasons, such as inadequate width or waterway
    • modifying an existing bridge to increase its structural capacity to a level higher than originally provided
    • widening an existing bridge
    • approach work estimated to cost less than $50,000
    • for local road projects property purchase costs less than $50,000
    • replacing retaining structures, including sea walls, that support a road
    • replacing tunnels
    • replacing culverts having a cross-sectional area of 3.4 square meters or greater, and
    • sealing bridge approaches on unsealed roads, where:
      • the approach sealing is limited to a maximum distance of 50 metres from each abutment
      • the seal continues over the entire structure to ensure consistency of skid resistance.

    You can discuss with the Transport Agency whether other potential activities not listed above might also be eligible for inclusion in this work category.

    Funding approval is subject to the conditions set out below.

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Conditions of funding

The conditions of funding for replacement of bridges and structures include:

  • The cost of the proposed replacement must be checked against the Transport Agency’s policy on uneconomic roading facilities prior to an application being submitted through Transport Investment Online TIO).
  • New or replacement bridges proposed for funding from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) must conform to the requirements of the Transport Agency’s Bridge manual. The Transport Agency may approve a specific departure from these design standards in terms of its policy on uneconomic roading facilities.

Funding assistance rate

The usual funding assistance rate (FAR) is:

Applying for funding approval

Applications for funding approval of proposed projects should be made through the improvement activity module in TIO(external link). To be eligible for NLTF funding, any new activity must be added to the relevant regional land transport plan (RLTP) and to the National Land Transport Plan (NLTP).

End-of-year carryover

TIO will automatically carry over the unspent allocation every year.  Therefore, it is vital that approved organisations and the Transport Agency (state highways) declare the unused allocation for completed projects by making a cost scope adjustment via the reviews module in TIO.