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This section provides information regarding processes and procedures for SuperGold Card (the scheme) concession payments for off-peak public transport for SuperGold Card holders.

This activity is intended to be funded by Crown appropriation with the provision for a last resort top up of SuperGold funding to local government from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) (public transport activity class). The Crown appropriation is managed by the Transport Agency on behalf of the Ministry of Transport (MoT).

Administrative principles

  • Principles

    The principles on which the scheme is administered are:

    • the level of Crown funding for the scheme represents an implicit agreement between the Crown and local government on funding the mutually agreed outcomes of the scheme and when adjusted in forward years, will remain inside the Cabinet approved appropriation
    • the 2017/18 allocation between individual local governments of the Crown funding represents an agreed fair starting point
    • the allocations in future years should be adjusted for the two factors which increase cost to local government beyond those already met through financial assistance to their public transport programme:
      • an increase in the number of SuperGold trips as a proportion of total off-peak travel
      • an increase in the cost of off-peak travel assessed trough a simple proxy such as bus kms
    • the scheme administration procedures include the provision for a last resort top up of SuperGold funding to local government from the NLTF (public transport activity class). This NLTP top-up would only be required should growth in proportional SuperGold patronage or the cost of off-peak services at an aggregate level across all local authorities increase above the estimates on which the three-yearly Crown funding level have been based.  Should a top-up be required, this will be represented by a separate line item for the work category.

    MoT is responsible for developing and reviewing SuperGold Card concession policy, including eligibility of services for the scheme (all contracted public transport services approved by the Transport Agency are eligible), and for setting overall funding levels.

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Qualifying activities

  • Examples of qualifying activities

    Examples of qualifying activities include, but may not be limited to:

    • fully subsidised travel on off-peak public transport services by SuperGold card holders on eligible services.

    Other potential activites that are not on the above list should be discussed with the Transport Agency for eligibility.

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  • Excluded activities

    The work category excludes:

    • any services and routes that do not form part of an approved organisation’s regional public transport plan (this excludes exempt services)
    • SuperGold funding assistance for all peak services
    • SuperGold card administration costs.
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Conditions of funding

Specific policy settings (previously set out in a memorandum of understanding) apply under which the scheme will operate and in particular, the terms and conditions on which the council will be reimbursed by the Transport Agency through Crown funding.

  • Agreed off peak periods

    The following off peak periods apply:

    (i)         9am to 3pm Monday to Friday, from 6.30pm until the end of service Monday to Thursday, and Friday 6.30pm to 6.30am Monday

    (ii)        Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

    A card holder who boards a service within 10 minutes before the start of an agreed off peak period or within 10 minutes after the end of an agreed off peak period is to be treated as having boarded the service during an agreed off peak period.

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  • Eligible services

    A public transport service that is identified in a regional public transport plan and is scheduled a contracted bus, train, and ferry services available in urban areas within a region. The following services are excluded from the scheme and must not be included in eligible services:

    (a)       Tours and excursions generally

    (b)       Long distance coach and train services

    (c)        Inter-island ferry services

    (d)       Special event services;

    (e)        Total mobility services

    (f)        Taxi services.

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  • Auditing

    The council must allow the Transport Agency to audit the council’s systems for collecting and holding certificates of patronage and supporting information, and the related data, from time to time as convenient to the council and the Transport Agency, acting reasonably.

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Applying for funding approval

Applications for funding approval should be made through the Super Gold Card activity module in Transport Investment Online(external link) (TIO).

Note: funding allocations to individual councils in forward years will be adjusted year-on-year to reflect both proportional change in SuperGold patronage and proportional change in the cost of off-peak services with each of these used as simple year-on-year adjustment factors to which a consumer price index (CPI) adjustment agreed with the Crown will be applied.

Payments and monthly reporting

Close monitoring is required of monthly SuperGold patronage and the expenditure. Approved organisations must provide monthly patronage reports to support claims made via TIO.(external link)

  • Contracted services

    Contracted services

    The approved SuperGold allocation for each Approved Organisation will be paid within the first quarter of a new NLTP year.

    SuperGold Card patronage  for contracted services is to be reported in the monthly return for public transport via TIO(external link), broken down by public transport units for individual Approved Organisations.

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  • Exempt services

    Exempt services

    Exempt SuperGold Card services patronage needs to be reported in the monthly return for SuperGold Card by exempt service route for Approved Organisations where exempt services currently operate via TIO(external link) to support claims made in accordance with the provision of current exempt services agreements.

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