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The approved organisation’s or the Transport Agency's (state highways) share of the cost involved in the relocation of services is eligible for funding assistance. The service authority’s share of the costs is to be treated as supplementary funding and shared between the approved organisation, if applicable, and the Transport Agency.

Code of practice

The respective responsibilities, including responsibility for costs, of road controlling authorities (approved organisations and the Transport Agency (state highways)) and service authorities for service location and relocation are set out in the sector’s National code of practice for utility operators' access to transport corridors.(external link)

Relevant legislation relating to cost sharing referred to in the Code is:

Government Roading Powers Act(external link) (section 54(4))

Electricity Act(external link) (sections 24A, 33 & 34)

Gas Act(external link) (sections 25A, 34 & 35)

Telecommunications Act(external link) (sections 119, 147B & 147C)

Approved organisations and the Transport Agency (state highways) are expected to follow this code.