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The following policy applies where an Approved Organisation or the Transport Agency (state highways) has requested funding assistance for the construction, renewal or maintenance of a stock effluent disposal site.

Policy principle

Stock effluent disposal sites are funded under the principle of exacerbator pays.

The exacerbator is the original owner of the stock who benefits from the sale of that stock for processing. As there is no cost-effective method of levying exacerbators from the stock carried,  use of local rates paid to either the relevant territorial authority or the relevant regional council, or both, is considered a fair method of raising an appropriate proportion of the facility cost. The Transport Agency’s share is general recognition of the willingness to pay by road users for the benefits from prevention of effluent spillage. This principle applies regardless of the location of the facility, that is regardless of whether the facility is located on a local road or state highway.

Qualifying for NLTP consideration

The cost of any stock effluent disposal facility is eligible for funding assistance under:

Funding assistance rate

From 2018/19 onwards, the usual funding assistance rate is:

  • construction costs for stock effluent facilities regardless of their location: the Approved Organisation's normal FAR(external link)
  • construction of access roads:  the Approved Organisation's normal FAR(external link) for facilities located on local roads or 100% of the Transport Agency's costs for facilities located on state highways
  • maintenance and renewal of stock effluent disposal facilities, regardless of the location of the facility (including disposal of stock effluent from the facility):  the Approved Organisation's normal FAR(external link).

Conditions of funding for a new facility

The construction cost of any new stock effluent disposal facility is eligible for funding assistance, subject to:

  • the facility being part of an agreed current regional or national strategy
  • the relevant Approved Organisation agreeing to maintain the stock effluent disposal infrastructure, including disposal of any stock effluent
  • the facility being situated as close as practicable to the road, and
  • a formal lease, or an agreement to occupy, being signed where the stock effluent disposal facility is not part of the road reserve, giving access to the facility as though it was a road.

Applying for funding approval

The 'Improvement activity' module in Transport Investment Online (TIO) should be used to apply for funding assistance for the construction costs of stock effluent facilities as well as for the construction of access roads to a facility.

Maintenance of stock effluent facilities should be part of an approved maintenance programme entered into TIO through the 'Maintenance, operations and renewals' module.