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This work category provides for the development and implementation of enforcement, prevention and deterrence, and education activities that address the safe use of the land transport system.

Qualifying activities

Activities within this work category in the main contribute predominantly to road safety, but some also apply to access to social and economic opportunities. 

The work category includes a range of qualifying activities. 

  • Examples of qualifying activities

    Examples of qualifying activities

    Qualifying activities include the areas of Police activity that include enforcement, prevention and deterrence, and education regarding:

    • restraints including seatbelts, child restraints and helmets
    • impairment including alcohol, drug and fatigue related impairment
    • safe and appropriate speeds, including a speed management programme with a mix of manual and automated enforcement and intervention
    • high risk drivers, including recidivist, and high end risk taking behaviours
    • protection of vulnerable and active road users including the elderly, children, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists
    • distractions, including mobile phone use, careless use and distracting behaviours; and
    • vehicle safety and compliance, including regulatory compliance of commercial vehicles and driving
    • effective network operation through crash investigation and traffic management practices.

    Other potential activities that are not in the above list should be discussed with the Transport Agency for eligibility.

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A range of exclusions applies to the work category.

Funding assistance rate

Road policing activities are approved through Vote Police with the funding source being the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). The approved programme is funded 100% from the NLTF.