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This document contains a link to a blank activity list template [XLSX, 21 KB] for the 2018–21 NLTP.

You must use this template in applications for road safety promotion activities to provide the required supporting information. The activity list acts as a project plan for the programme of activities.

Itemised activities

Activities which are very similar may be grouped in a single line item. However, when they have more than one variable difference they should be individually listed.

For example, if activities address one risk area (theme), and have the same scope, but are delivered by multiple providers, they may be listed as one activity. However, if a single provider delivers multiple activities that address different risks, these should be itemised separately.

The Transport Agency requires end-of-year reports as a basis for discussing with you the results of each individual activity, so activities should be split in a sensible manner that allows for specific and accurate reporting.