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This section provides the process diagram and steps for the Transport Agency to prepare its national transport programmes for input to the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP).

Process diagram

The process diagram shows all process steps and who needs to perform them. 



Process steps

Developing transport programmes involves a number of steps.


  • Process steps

    The steps for developing nationally delivered programmes:

    1. The Transport Agency provides investment signals to Transport Agency business areas, based on GPS development and its review of national issues.
    2. The Transport Agency's Finance team and the Transport Agency provide budget signals coming from initial organisational business planning and NLTP forecasting.
    3. Transport Agency business areas consider the investment and budget signals and develop/update their programmes of work.
    4. Transport Agency business areas submit their programmes of work to the Transport  Agency's Finance team as part of the business planning and budgeting process.
    5. The Transport Agency reviews the programmes to ensure their information is complete and that they are eligible for funding assistance from the National Land Transport Fund. An initial assessment using the Investment Assessment Framework is made and the activity prioritised. A decision is made whether the activity should be included in the NLTP. If not, the business area may modify the programme of work by returning to step 3.
    6. If the decision is that the activity should be included in the NLTP, the programme is fully costed and the Finance team and the Transport Agency's senior leadership team decide if it meets the Transport Agency's national financial guidelines, including whether it has sufficient priority in the Transport Agency's business plan.
    7. Transport Agency business areas confirm their business plans and submit applications for NLTP inclusion via Transport Investment Online.
    8. The Transport Agency finalises its assessment and prioritises the submitted programmes.
    9. The programmes are then progressed through the developing the NLTP and funding approvals processes.
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The Transport Agency will provide timelines for programme development as part of its planning and investment signals. Some of these will be indicative initially, eg NLTP adoption, until confirmed by the Transport Agency Board.