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The investment assurance work programme is put together each year by the Transport Agency.

This page explains how the work programme is put together for assurance monitoring, investment audits, and post implementation reviews.

This includes:

  • what factors are considered in selecting which Approved Organisation and Transport Agency (state highways) projects, programmes or topics to audit or review,
  • who is consulted as part of putting together the work programme, and
  • how the programme is publicised each year and where to find details of past year's assurance programmes.

Investment audits – entity selection

The Transport Agency aims to complete an investment audit of every Approved Organisation within each three year National Land Transport Programme (NLTP ) cycle.

Around 25 investment audits are done each year, with a proportion of these – around ten – also including a technical review of the road network. Transport Agency staff are consulted as part of the selection process.

An auditor will contact each Approved Organisation or the Transport Agency (state highways) in the finalised programme 4-6 weeks ahead of a planned audit to arrange a visit date and request that certain information is made available for the audit.


  • Criteria for entity selection

    Criteria for entity selection

    The following criteria are used to select which Approved Organisations or Transport Agency (state highways)  to audit:

    • the level of Transport Agency’s funding to the Approved Organisation or Transport Agency (state highways) in the current year
    • length of time since the previous audit, and
    • any known issues or risks.
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Post implementation reviews – project/package selection

A sample of post implementation reviews are done each year selected from funded activities/programmes/packages that have been substantially complete for at least two years. This makes it more likely meaningful assessment of how well they have achieved their expected benefits can be done.


  • Other factors for project/package selection

    Other factors for project/package selection

    Other factors taken into consideration when selecting activities/programmes/packages for review include:

    • having a range of activities/programmes/packages by size and cost
    • covering a mix of different work categories
    • ensuring some safety and travel time improvement activities/programmes/packages are included.
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Current work programme

Approved Organisations and the Transport Agency(state highways) are notified of the finalised investment assurance work programme by general circular at the beginning of each financial year.