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This section is about the information that is gathered and distributed for each investment performance measure.

It provides a brief overview of:

  • how the Transport Agency uses information from investment performance measures
  • why the Transport Agency has opened up information to approved organisations
  • what type of information is available
  • when the centralised information will be available
  • how approved organisations can use the information (recipes)
  • how to access the information
  • who to contact with questions and feedback.

For detailed descriptions about each measure and links to data/information, refer to Information sources for investment performance measures.

The information gathered through the investment performance measures

From 2018/19, Transport Investment Online (TIO) includes a standard set of investment performance measures for each funded investment. Approved organisations can select measures from the standard list that provide the best evidence of the benefits delivered by their funded investment.

The Transport Agency intends to procure and gather centralised data for as many of the investment performance measures as possible. The centralised data will provide baseline, interim and final results for measures, averting the need for approved organisations to independently gather data for each measure. The centralised data will also be used to inform ongoing reporting to government and the public on the benefits realised due to land transport investment.

For further information about how the Transport Agency will use the information, refer to the frequently asked questions on the investment performance measurement page. 

Why the Transport Agency has opened up information to approved organisations

Although the primary purpose of the centralised store of information is to inform ongoing benefits realisation work, the Transport Agency recognises the value that this central store of information may have for approved organisations' transport planning and policy making.

What type of information is available

Information is available in a number of forms, including:

  • spatial maps
  • applicaton programming interfaces
  • spreadsheets.

Information is released in the appropriate form for each measure. For example, information for some measures can only be released as maps due to licensing agreements, while others are only available as raw data, without the spatial overlay. We release whatever information is possible for each measure, sometimes resulting in partial or proxy data releases for measures.

Any important details about the information (its source, limitations, accessibility requirements, currency etc) is noted in the list of measures and links to data in the storymap on the Information sources for performance measures page.

When will the centralised information be available

Not all investment performance measures currently have centralised information available. The Transport Agency is working to centralise or provide links to data for as many of the investment performance measures as possible. 

For those measures already with centralised information, the Transport Agency has provided access in two tranches, the first in August 2019 and the second in October 2019. Further centralised information will be released when it becomes available.

How approved organisations can use the information (recipes)

Each of the measures might be considered an ingredient in a benefits recipe. The way the measures are put together can provide insights for different benefits. 

For example, drawing together a map of projected sea level rise with state highway, local roads and public transport infrastructure data, as well as throughput figures by mode and region provides insight into long-term resilience risk.

Accessibility is another area where this data will allow the identification of service gaps and potential opportunities. An example of this might be bringing together the proportion of workers with easy access to frequent public transport and the number of jobs that are within 15 minutes access by each mode.

We would be interested to hear the recipes you have pulled together to gain insights through this information – please let us know at

How to access the information

All information is provided in a storymap. All users will need to be set up in the storymap tool. If you don’t have access and would like it, please email, outlining your name, position title, organisation and contact details.

The internet-based storymap tool links to other relevant information sources and usually presents them in a three-panelled framework. The measures are organised by transport outcomes (from the Ministry of Transport’s Transport Outcome Framework) and investment benefits.

Some of the information released is already publicly available and is simply associated with measures and reflected in the storymap tool here. Other information will require you to seek further permissions to access it. Where this is required, the contact to set up access is listed in the storymap.

Who to contact with questions and feedback

As we develop this information and the storymap tool, we are interested to hear what you are using it for and how it can be improved. Please also contact us if you have any questions about the data and its use.

Please email