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This section provides an overview of the funding assistance policy and funding assistance rates (FARs) that applied prior to the 2015-18 NLTP.

Overview of Funding Policy

Prior to the 2015-18 NLTP all territorial authorities were assigned a base FAR which took into account:

  • the size of the organisation’s allocation for road maintenance
  • the financial resources available to the territorial authority

A standard method of calculating  the Base FAR [DOCX, 73 KB](for the maintenance, operation and renewal activities) and Construction FAR (for improvement activities) was used.  Following the FAR Review, the funding assistance policy was changed and is defined here).

In addition to the Base and Construction FARs, specific FARs which applied to particular activities or in certain circumstances were used (see Tables 3 and 4 below).

Funding Assistance Rates

The funding assistance rates used prior to the 2015-18 NLTP were;