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The Transport Agency's planning and investment strategic direction is regularly updated in response to:

This section introduces the process for updating the Investment Assessment Framework (IAF) and the generic processes for any other policy or procedural changes.

Transport Agency strategy and goals

The Transport Agency's strategy and goals that underlie its planning and investment strategic direction are set out in the current NZ Transport Agency Statement of Intent (SOI).

The SOI sets out the Transport Agency's approach and course of action for the next four years that will contribute to the delivery of the government's land transport objectives and wider transport vision.

Investment Assessment Framework (IAF)

The IAF is the key investment assessment and prioritisation tool that the Transport Agency employs to give effect to the GPS and achieve the results wanted by the government.

When the Transport Agency makes changes to the framework it generally follows the process set out in the Review Investment Assessment Framework page.

Detailed information is provided in the Investment Assessment Framework section on the application of the IAF, including assessment criteria, forming an assessment profile and prioritisation of activities.

Other policy changes

Other Transport Agency investment policies and procedures may change as a result of:

  • issuing of a new or updated IAF
  • issuing of a directive or policy change
  • improvement or clarification of policy following operational experience with existing policies.

 Depending on the significance of the change, this may require:

  • a simple change to the procedures which will be documented in this Knowledge Base, or
  • engagement or consultation with organisations affected by the change.

The Transport Agency's process for policy changes can be accessed at this link.