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What’s planned for this stretch of road? Where will this happen?

We’re looking at a range of improvements that can help reduce crashes and prevent deaths and serious injuries on this stretch of road.

  • Roadside barriers
  • Flexible median barriers
  • Shoulder widening
  • Improved passing opportunities
  • New roundabouts at Watchman Road and Pakowhai Links Road intersections (currently under construction)

How much will this work cost?

The expressway improvements have a budget of $36 million.

How will this make this road safer?

These improvements are proven to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Flexible road safety barriers are a road safety success story. When fitted along the side and centre of the road, flexible barriers reduce the number of deaths by up to 90 percent. Wide road shoulders can also reduce serious crashes by up to 35 percent.

Are barriers safe for motorcyclists?

Barriers, especially flexible barriers, can reduce the number of motorcyclists suffering deaths or serious injuries on our roads by around 50 percent. There’s no evidence that they act like a ‘cheese cutter’ like some people say.

When barriers are between lanes, they stop a driver’s mistake from costing a motorcyclist’s life. They can also mean motorcyclists don’t end up in the path of oncoming traffic if they come off their motorcycle.

When they’re along the roadside, they keep motorcyclists from hitting poles and trees, as well as ditches which can be just as dangerous. Read more about road safety barriers

Why don’t you make the roads four lanes?

Making this road four lanes would take a long time to plan and complete, and would come at a significant cost. With the road toll increasing we need to move quickly to take the actions we know will help prevent deaths and serious injuries on this road. These works do not prevent larger scale work being carried out in the future.

Will there be spaces for cycling and walking?

We are not planning any dedicated spaces for pedestrians on this stretch of road as there are alternatives for safer walking. However, by widening the road shoulder and making intersections safer, our improvements will make this stretch of road generally safer for cyclists who choose to ride on the Expressway.

How can I have my say on these improvements?

Over the coming months, we’ll be coming out to community groups, landowners and others to talk about these improvements, but you have concerns about what’s planned, please get in touch with us at 

Why do you want my contact number or email?

We’re keen to get people’s contact details so we can keep them updated on the project, and give them the chance to have their say.