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SH27 Mangawhero Stream Bridge

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Project introduction

We're looking at how we can make Mangawhero Stream Bridge and the roads approaching it safer.

  • Estimated project cost

    $12 million
  • Project type

    Safety improvements
  • Project status


Project updates

SH27 Mangawhero Stream Bridge Location Map
Project maps, (PDF)
SH27 Mangawhero Stream Bridge Info Sheet
Project posters, (PDF)

Making the road safer

State Highway 27 has been identified as one of the roads in the State Highway network which can be made safer.

In the past five years, two people have lost their lives and two have been seriously injured on this stretch of road. There have been 29 recorded crashes on the route in the last 10 years. The high crash rate is mainly due to the narrowness of the bridge and the unexpected curves in the road leading up to it.

Many trucks use the bridge but oversized or overweight vehicles can't travel it safely. We're currently looking at ways to make the route safer and upgrade the bridge so that all vehicles can use it.

Our plans might include upgrading the current bridge or replacing it all together, possibly in a new location nearby.