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SH33 Te Ngae Junction to Paengaroa

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Project introduction

Road and roadside safety improvements are proposed from the outskirts of Rotorua near Te Ngae, along SH33 to Paengaroa. This road has been identified as high risk rural road, and these safety improvements are part of the Safe Network Programme.

  • Estimated project cost

    $34.5 million
  • Project type

    Safety improvements
  • Project status


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How we can make SH33 safer

We’ve looked at this 36km stretch of road in detail, and reviewed all the community and stakeholder feedback to understand where the main safety issues are. To make this stretch of road safer we are looking to make the following improvements:

  • install new signs, line marking and landscaping to create slower speed environments in Paengaroa, Okere Falls and Mourea
  • install a pedestrian island at Okere Falls for safer crossing
  • continue to talk with the Police regarding speeding
  • install a new south bound passing lane to provide safer passing opportunities
  • improve the signs and road markings to warn drivers of risks they need to prepare for further down the road such as sharp curves
  • widen the centreline which is a simple way to increase the distance between oncoming traffic
  • install short sections of flexible roadside barriers to stop your vehicle before you run off the road or hit something harder like a tree
  • lay rumble strips to give distracted or tired drivers a wake-up call if they stray across the line
  • wider sealed shoulders to provide extra room for drivers and people who cycle
  • consider speed limit reductions for the towns of Paengaroa, Okere Falls and Mourea.


Following the completion of the safety improvements we expect to see a significant reduction in the deaths and serious injuries rate.

What's happening, and when

Finish stage one and seek final approval to start stage two construction.

Start work on stage two and seek final approval to start work on stage three construction (late 2019).

All going to plan, all three stages will be completed mid 2021.