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sh58 improvements banner

Project introduction

Construction is underway to improve safety on State Highway 58 (SH58) between State Highway 2 in the Hutt Valley and the Transmission Gully Interchange in Pauatahanui. The safety improvements are occurring in stages and as funding becomes available.

  • Estimated project cost

    $45 million–$55 million
  • Project type

    Safety improvements
  • Project status


Project updates

SH58 project update - December 2019
Project update - 15 October 2019
SH58 Project Update - October 2019
SH58 Project Update August 2019
SH58 Project Update September 2018

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Over the past 10 years there have been over 200 crashes causing four deaths and 17 serious injuries on the section of SH58 between State Highway 2 and the Pauatahanui roundabout.

SH58 is a challenging road to drive. The road is narrow with tight, difficult curves and many access points and intersections.

We have investigated ways to improve safety on SH58. This includes rounds of consultation with the community and other stakeholders over recent years. In 2017/18, following further engagement, we significantly expanded the scope of road safety work to achieve greater safety outcomes than our original proposal.

Safety improvements underway

In 2018 the speed limit was lowered from 100km/h to 80km/h. Already we are seeing positive results with a reduction in the speed being travelled by the fastest motorists, while the average speeds across the route have been maintained at just under 80km/h. We have also addressed some of the high-risk curves west of Mt Cecil Rd, by straightening them and installing a median barrier. The remaining safety improvements will proceed in two stages shown in the map below.

Stage 1 safety improvements are expected to start in coming months from Hayward’s Interchange through to Mt Cecil Rd. This work involves widening the road to include an uphill crawler lane, adding sealed shoulders, installing road barriers and curve corrections.

Stage 2 from Mt Cecil Rd through to the Transmission Gully Interchange at Pauatahanui involves widening the road, adding sealed shoulders, installing roadside and median safety barriers, curve corrections, two new roundabouts and improvements to bridges. This work will begin once consents and property acquisition are completed, and funding becomes available. This will occur after Transmission Gully opens.

We initially planned to complete these works in one stage before the Transmission Gully opening, however increasing costs and difficulties in accessing materials during the final stages of Transmission Gully construction have meant we have had to stage the project.

Work on SH58 safety improvements begin at the eastern end of the highway to avoid effects of the Transmission Gully construction activities and manage potential disruption to motorists.

Construction on Stage 1 safety Improvements

Construction on the first stage of the State Highway 58 safety improvements is starting at the Hayward’s interchange end of the highway and will quickly ramp up to cover multiple sites concurrently. There will be traffic management in place as required. This stage of the safety improvements is due to be completed in early 2021.

Interim measures

We’ve listened to feedback from the local community, road users and other stakeholders about safety concerns for the Stage 2 area, including at key intersections, of SH58.

Some concerns relate to the efficiency of the road, such as the time it takes to turn out of driveways and intersections. However, interim improvements are addressing safety concerns associated with speed, overtaking and driver inattention.

SH58 interim safety improvements work plan [PDF, 88 KB]

The interim safety improvements diagram [PDF, 82 KB] shows the type and location of the improvements and more detail of the Flightys/Murphys intersection upgrade.

Project objectives

  • to enhance safety of travel on the Wellington state highway network, and specifically SH58
  • to maintain journey time reliability between SH2 in the Hutt Valley and Transmission Gully
  • to appropriately balance the needs of local and state highway traffic.

About the project

The expanded package of safety improvements will:

  • Separate traffic

    We propose to widen the highway, including four bridges, and install a median safety barrier between the opposing lanes of traffic from SH2 to Bradey Road. Median safety barriers are safest when they are continuous and not broken with gaps for multiple side access. We are only proposing gaps in the barrier at the roundabouts and locations where access demand is high and there are few safety risks.

    We are proposing the only gaps in the safety barrier to be at the following locations:

    • Flightys/Murphys roundabout
    • Moonshine Road roundabout
    • Harris Road
    • Mt Cecil Road
    • Kaitawa Street/Transpower (no right turn out)
    • Hugh Duncan Street (no right turn out).
  • Safer intersections

    We propose to limit access on some intersections and build roundabouts at Moonshine Road and the Flightys/Murphys intersection.

  • Straighten curves

    In 2016 we completed work to realign the highway at the site of a dangerous curve between Mt Cecil Road and Harris Road. The next stage includes realigning the curves between SH2 and Mt Cecil Road.

  • Safer speeds

    We have lowered the speed limit to 80km/h between the SH2 and the Pauatahanui roundabout. 

    The lower speed is more appropriate to the conditions and means all vehicles are traveling at similar speeds, reducing the chance of conflicts.

    We are also working with the Porirua City Council to review and adjust speed limits on roads feeding onto SH58.


SH58 improvements area map

Timeline for highway improvements

Phases Indicative date
Initial investigations and engagement on proposals 2014
Incorporate feedback, realign curve between Mt Cecil Road and Harris Road 2014–2017
Engage on expanded scope of work Mid-2017
Detailed design, lodge consent applications for Stage 1 and 2 safety improvements 2017–2020
Stage 1, Hayward’s Interchange through to Mt Cecil Road, safety improvements underway Oct 2019

Construction (subject to funding approval) for Stage 2, Mt Cecil Road through to the Transmission Gully Interchange at Pauatahanui

After Transmission Gully construction completed