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Project introduction

We’re making SH88 Dunedin to Port Chalmers safer for everyone. This project is part of the government’s $600m Safe Roads and Roadsides programme to prevent people from dying or being seriously injured on our rural state highways.

  • Estimated project cost

    $3.1 million
  • Project type

    Safety improvements
  • Project status


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Making the road safer

Between 2007 and 2016, 16 people were seriously injured in crashes on SH88 Dunedin to Port Chalmers. Most of these crashes were caused by people losing control of their vehicle and running off the road, sometimes ending up in the harbour. 

Safety improvements are likely to include:  

  • Roadside safety barriers to stop drivers from running off the road  
  • High performance road markings to improve visibility at night and in wet conditions 
  • Safety improvements to Finch Street intersection 

Project timeline

Road safety improvements, which do not impact on the safety of cyclists, may be undertaken in early 2018. The remainder of this work will be completed as the shared path is constructed.

Shared path

The NZ Transport Agency is committed to providing a safe walking and cycling path between Dunedin and Port Chalmers. 

Information on the Shared Path project can be found here.