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Traffic and travel updates: visit the Journey Planner website(external link) for more information about the latest road closures affecting the South Island following the recent weather events.

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Lumsden speed consulation banner

Project Introduction

The NZ Transport Agency is seeking public input into proposals to set permanent new speed limits on SH94 on the eastern entrance to Lumsden.

  • Project type

    Speed review

Project updates

What we know

We’ve talked to the community, council, local businesses and others about improving safety on the SH94 entrance into Lumsden. We’ve heard that speeds on this section highway feel too high to be safe.

Speed and increasing traffic volumes including more large trucks are making the local community concerned about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists as well as students crossing the highway to attend two nearby schools. The undulating nature of this section of highway, can make it difficult for vehicles trying to access the highway with drivers finding assessing the speed of approaching highway traffic a challenge.

What we’re proposing

Based on what we know, we think the following would be safer speed on this section of road:

Location Current speed limit Proposed speed limit Current mean operating speeds
Extending the 50km/h speed limit on SH94 300m further east toward on an existing 70km/h section of highway. 70km/h 50km/h 70-74km/h

How speed reviews work

More information about speed and the speed review process is available on the Speed Review Programme webpage.