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CAS training videos

The crash analysis system (CAS) video training lessons are produced to assist internal and external customers of NZTA who are new users of the CAS system. These videos will assist our customers to extract the crash data and reports for planning, managing and investing their efforts in the road safety. The subject areas covered in the videos are from simple logging into the CAS system to extracting data, reports and mappings using the tools and techniques that are available in the CAS system.

Video numberTitleDownload
1 Introduction to CAS training videos WMV [WMV, 3.7 MB] (3.8 MB)
2 Logging into CAS and exiting the system WMV [WMV, 20 MB] (20.6 MB)
3 User preferences: Passwords WMV [WMV, 17 MB] (17.3 MB)
4 User preferences: User mapping defaults WMV [WMV, 34 MB] (34.4 MB)
5 User preferences: Other default settings WMV [WMV, 10 MB] (10.5 MB)
6 Using the help system WMV [WMV, 24 MB] (24.3 MB)
7 Creating a basic query and crash list WMV [WMV, 15 MB] (15.5 MB)
8 Creating a query/crash list from a map (by drawing a shape/polygon) WMV [WMV, 12 MB] (11.8 MB)
9 Mapping: Mapping an area WMV [WMV, 9.2 MB] (9.4 MB)
10 Mapping: A crash list WMV [WMV, 10 MB] (10.6 MB)
11 Mapping: Map tools and drawing WMV [WMV, 25 MB] (25.5 MB)
12 Mapping: Grouping and thematic mapping WMV [WMV, 18 MB] (18.7 MB)
13 Mapping: Group mapping tool WMV [WMV, 14 MB] (14.0 MB)
14 Reports: English language report WMV [WMV, 12 MB] (12.4 MB)
15 Reports: Crash/Police listings WMV [WMV, 22 MB] (21.6 MB)
16 Reports: Collision diagram WMV [WMV, 19 MB] (19.4 MB)
17 Reports: Site summary report WMV [WMV, 12 MB] (12.5 MB)
18 A working example:
Creating a query/crash list
Using this crash list to create a report
Grouping and mapping the crash list
WMV [WMV, 32 MB] (31.8 MB)