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Land Transport Rule: Heavy Vehicle Brakes 2006

This rule sets out requirements to ensure that heavy vehicles and heavy-vehicle combinations (over 3500 kg GVM) can brake safely, with balanced brake performance, at any road-legal load condition.

About the rule

The rule is available in consolidated format (ie, a full, up-to-date, version of the rule including all its amendments) or as the original, unamended rule with separate amendment rules. Choose the option that best suits your needs from the list below.

To access the consolidated version of the rule (available only in PDF format), click on ‘Consolidation’ below.

The electronic versions of legislation on this website, and any legislation printed from the website:

  • have no official status
  • are made available for information only and should not be relied on as the authoritative text.

About the questions and answers

Questions and answers are provided to accompany a new rule or amendment rule when it is signed. These versions of the questions and answers are not updated to take into account any later amendments to the rule and are retained for historic interest only.

Land Transport Rules

Questions & answers

Amendment Rules 2007/08

What are these amendment Rules?

With the exception of Land Transport Rule: Heavy Vehicles Amendment 2008 (Rule 31002/3) (the Heavy Vehicles Amendment) these amendment Rules were signed by the Minister for Transport Safety in December 2007. The Heavy Vehicles Amendment was signed in March 2008.

How did these amendment Rules originate?

These amendment Rules were all consulted on as part of the draft Land Transport Rule: Omnibus Amendment 2007 (the Omnibus Amendment Rule).

Following consultation, the provisions in the Omnibus Amendment Rule were split into separate amendment Rules. An eleventh amendment Rule consulted on in the Omnibus Amendment Rule, Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment [2008], has yet to be signed.

Why were the amendments Rules made?

The amendment Rules make relatively minor changes to Rules. The amendments are required:

  • to update Rules as a result of changes to other New Zealand legislation, including other Rules;
  • to clarify requirements in Rules;
  • to update standards and other material incorporated by reference in Rules;
  • to make minor technical or editing changes; and
  • to correct minor inconsistencies or oversights in Rules.

When did these amendment Rules come into force?

The Heavy Vehicles Amendment comes into force on 28 April 2008. The other amendment rules came into force on 17 January 2008.

Was the public consulted on the amendments?

Yes. In August 2007, Land Transport New Zealand advised about 2500 groups and individuals registered on the Rules consultation database, by letter or email, of the proposed changes and invited them to make submissions. Printed copies of the Omnibus Amendment Rule and the summary of the proposed changes were made available to people on request. The Omnibus Amendment Rule and information material were also available on the Land Transport NZ website.

Public notices seeking submissions were placed in the daily newspapers in the metropolitan centres (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin) and the Minister.