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State highway professional services contract proforma manual

A manual for use by the NZ Transport Agency, Transport Services team when preparing tender documents for professional services contracts.

Z Series - minimum standards

The NZ Transport Agency Z Series of minimum standards covers a range of topics in the table of links to documents below. 


The NZ Transport Agency health and safety related documents Z/5 and Z/13 and its associated links are now out of date and do not align to current good practice in contractor health and safety management.

Health and safety management should be a shared responsibility, with a greater need for the Transport Agency to lead its downstream contractors in working together to manage risk.

The Contractor health and safety expectations document forms part of a wider contractor management process currently being developed that encourages downstream contractors to take ownership for risks to health and safety, work with other contractors to manage risk. It also empowers them to use innovation, their experience and knowledge when managing these risks.

Note: The Transport Agency Contractor health and safety expectations will replace Z5, Z13, the Zero Harm portal and all previous Zero Harm related health and safety minimum standards. All other Z documents remain in effect.

For further information on health and safety related matters contact

Reference link to this page: link)

Table of contents

Number Title Last updated
Z/1 Quality management plan [PDF, 331 KB] October 2017
Z/2 Consultant’s programme [PDF, 62 KB] March 2015

Health & safety compliance notice
[PDF, 312 KB]

Is now superseded by Contractor health and safety expectations

March 2017
Z/7 Physical works contract document [PDF, 423 KB] March 2016
Z/8 Inspection, sampling and testing [PDF, 634 KB] October 2017
Z/11 Performance evaluation [PDF, 107 KB] March 2015

Incident management reporting [PDF, 38 KB]

Is now superseded by Contractor health and safety expectations

March 2009
Z/14 Liquidated damages [PDF, 63 KB] March 2015
Z/15 Asset owner’s manual [PDF, 321 KB] March 2016
Z/16 Survey specification [PDF, 136 KB] March 2015
Z/17 Branding and communications standards [PDF, 79 KB] March 2015
Z/19 Environmental and social responsibility standard [PDF, 64 KB] February 2016

Accidental archaeological discovery specification
[PDF, 883 KB]

Supersedes 'Z/22 Archaeological discovery procedures'

August 2018

Risk management practice guide
Risk management plan template (referenced in Z/44)
Risk register template (referenced in Z/44)

February 2018