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The Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) project is to develop and implement a national data standard for land transport assets.

This project is part of the Transport Agency-led Transport Operating System (TransportOS) programme to establish a digital operating system. This is to help keep the transport network safe, flowing freely, well maintained and constantly improving.

Benefits of AMDS

The data standard for land transport assets will offer a consistent, integrated approach to data structures and asset management. It will enable better asset data acquisition and analytics, better management of land transport asset data and greater opportunities for sharing and collaboration.

This will help with forward work planning, strategic asset management and improved sector-wide investment decisions because of a richer, consistent, spatially-enabled evidence base.

Our vision is to share transport asset data within and between organisations easily, which means decision makers can access and confidently use all relevant information wherever they are, whenever they want, whoever has provided it.

Project scope

The AMDS project scope includes:

  • Developing a national asset management data standard for land transport infrastructure assets that includes location and geometric standards and is based around building information management (BIM) concepts and technology
  • Running pilots on infrastructure construction projects to inform the development of information and communications technology tools and systems that support collaborative processes, to enable data to be mobile, visualised, accessible from primary sources of truth
  • Identifying client (including local council and other utilities) requirements for project and asset information management at key decision points throughout an asset lifecycle
  • Establishing consistent business procedures to enable collaborative information management processes throughout the asset life.

Supporting government and sector

The 2018/19 Government Policy Statement (GPS) sets an expectation of the Transport Agency to ‘deliver the right infrastructure … at the best cost’ as part of the ‘value for money’ theme. This calls for a more mature approach to the whole-of-life asset and activity management.

Also, the National Infrastructure Plan(external link) highlights the development of ‘national, shared, open data standards for infrastructure’ as one of the key focus areas.

One goals for New Zealand is to have a safe, resilient and accessible transport network to support economic development and expected levels of customer service.

Having consistent, reliable and sharable information about transport assets across the whole value chain and lifecycle is key. The continued development of individual solutions to common problems is inefficient.

The project’s vision aligns with the Transport Agency’s goal to become an ‘insights driven’ organisation, and also with the ‘realising excellence’ theme of the Road Efficiency Group (REG).

Work programme and timeline

A business case supporting this vision has been developed with participation from the sector – the councils, contractors and technical consultants who were involved in the Investment Logic workshops in 2017.

The REG Governance Group (which includes senior representatives from the Transport Agency, Local Government NZ and councils) is a key champion of this initiative across the transport sector.

The projected timeline for this work is:

Research and design
(by June 2019)

  • discover and assess the existing approaches and potential futures
  • confirm user needs
  • complete functional specification for asset management.

Develop and package
(by June 2020)

  • create the standard, support tools and ‘translators’
  • confirm sector capacity for implementation 
  • user testing and training
  • confirm the Transport Agency’s role in the rollout.

Roll-out and embed
(post-July 2020)

  • confirm best approach/phasing
  • phased rollout and trials
  • monitor and support.

If you have any questions or queries about the project please email us at