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State highway control manual

The full State highway control manual (SHCM) (SM012) is available online and remains meeting contract obligations.

To provide better user access, it has also been reformatted by consolidating subject matter. This helps by making information quicker to find and allows for faster updating.

A full topic index is included as part 1 so content is fully referenced to help in user navigation.

Part 3 of the Manual has been updated to include the new policy on the operation of drones on state highways [PDF, 935 KB]. New versions of Part 3: asset management and Part 1: index, have replaced the previous sections in the table below with the new policy included.

The consolidated sections are as follows.

Index section [PDF, 1.5 MB] Part 1
Miscellaneous sections [PDF, 345 KB] Part 2
Asset management sections [PDF, 6.2 MB] Part 3
Agreements sections [PDF, 795 KB] Part 4
Bridges and structures sections [PDF, 518 KB] Part 5
Building Act sections [PDF, 485 KB] Part 6
Emergencies, events, closures sections [PDF, 502 KB] Part 7
Environmental sections [PDF, 1.6 MB] Part 8
Heavy motor vehicles sections [PDF, 952 KB] Part 9
KiwiRail sections [PDF, 145 KB] Part 10
Legal, statutory, regulatory sections [PDF, 2 MB] Part 11
Motorways sections [PDF, 384 KB] Part 12
Procurement sections [PDF, 430 KB] Part 13
Projects sections [PDF, 544 KB] Part 14
Safety sections [PDF, 331 KB] Part 15
Signs sections [PDF, 377 KB] Part 16
Stopping on highways sections [PDF, 673 KB] Part 17
Utilities sections [PDF, 753 KB] Part 18

For further information contact the National Adviser Network Management.