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Andrews Ave – Lower Hutt

Andrews Ave at night with a crowd of people

Hutt City Council is activating Andrews Ave as part of their CBD development programme and in advance of the longer term RiverLink development.

Andrews Ave is geographically situated to become the entrance to Lower Hutt city centre from the Hutt River. It is the only public space in the core of the CBD and its location is a key component for creating a lively and vibrant entrance for RiverLink, which will better link Hutt City to the river in the future. 

The street is currently unknown as a public space and had not been activated until 2013. Its revitalization will have a significant impact on the city once the RiverLink development is completed over the next 20 years.

The local business group is choosing not to wait that long for this space to become an asset to their city and their business. While Hutt City waits for this permanent development to take place, they are taking the opportunity to use an interim approach to creating a functional and attractive space. For several months over summer this year, the public space will transform into a town square and place for people to gather, whether organically or for scheduled events.