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Auckland city centre grid lock

Auckland Council is developing the Access for Everyone strategy, as part of its City Centre Masterplan refresh, which will support placemaking and deliver a more vibrant and pedestrian focused city centre.

The Access for Everyone pilot project supports the investigation and consultation process through trials and tactical urbanism interventions, in accordance with the Planning Committee endorsement.

The Environment and Community Committee has voted to join a growing community of cities around the world that have formally and publicly recognised the urgency for action on climate change by declaring a climate emergency.

By declaring a climate emergency, the council is committing to continue to robustly and visibly incorporate climate change considerations into work programmes and decisions. A fundamental part of the Access for Everyone concept is to reduce private vehicle access to city centre streets and prioritise pedestrian and active travel modes. This is a key move towards a more sustainable future.

High Street case study will test a new way to engage with stakeholders and citizens, through the physical demonstration of the changes proposed.

The physical demonstrations will be co-designed with Heart of the City (local business association) members and key stakeholders, to ensure that the demonstrations are aligned with agreed values and principles.