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Pedestrian crossing at informal crossing point on Sale Street

Pedestrian crossing at informal crossing point on Sale Street. Credit: Auckland Council.

The Sale Street intersection has been a long standing concern for local people and the intensification of land uses around the intersection mean there are now many more people navigating the area on foot.

Auckland Council identified the intersection as an opportunity for change in their early tactical urbanism work, and have worked with partners to address a series of issues:

  • a concerning number of vehicles are entering Sale Street in excess of 50kmph
  • the desired pedestrian crossing point is 35m from kerb to kerb (pedestrians crossing are exposed to traffic for long periods)
  • there are high pedestrian volumes at an unsafe intersection.

The Sale Street project seeks to provide a temporary intervention which will enhance pedestrian safety and amenity in the area by slowing traffic speeds, shortening crossing distances and by providing an informal crossing point.