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About the Innovating Streets programme

What is the Innovating Streets programme?

The vision of the NZ Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets programme is to make it faster and easier to transition our streets to safer and more liveable spaces.

We aim to help the sector planning, designing and developing towns and cities by providing a toolkit of techniques specifically targeted at retrofitting streets to reduce vehicle speeds and create more space for people.

We are improving the support we offer to councils involved in street innovation by providing draft guidance that will be tested through several live case studies. This support package will make it easier for councils to deliver:

  • temporary physical changes to streets
  • improvements that test a permanent fix and prototype a street design
  • activations that help communities reimagine their streets

This guide aims to demystify the process of transitional design, of testing changes and provides a growing body of evidence from cities around the country. It provides low-cost options for improving the vitality of our centres and making spaces that work harder for our communities. 

The guide is a work in progress and the tools, case studies, monitoring and evaluation and legislative changes will be updated as we progress.

Who is the guide for?

The Innovating Streets for People guidance is primarily for professionals: council staff, consultants, politicians, and those who are mandated to deliver streetscape projects.  

However, it also seeks to support community groups or members of the public who are thinking about change in their local streets.