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To help gain a good understanding of the place (and the problem) we recommend undertaking a simplified context analysis; and constraints and opportunities plan.

This also presents a good opportunity to engage with stakeholders early.

As part of this exercise consider the core functions of the street:

  • Place – what are the adjacent land uses, how do people use the space, are there personal safety issues, issues for mobility and visually impaired etc?.
  • Movement – modal aspects, crossing opportunities, pedestrian desire lines, footpath spatial zones, vehicle frequency/speed/traffic safety etc, buses/stops/cycle parking.
  • Access – residential/commercial, need for emergency vehicles, rubbish trucks movements.
  • Parking and loading – mobility parking/loading requirements/mitigation of loss.
  • Utilities – consider what is under the surface when fixing or needing foundations for semi-permanent features, maintaining/watering planting.

Examining the types of questions above will inform the next stages of your project planning through clarifying the site-based opportunities and constraints of your project.