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The problem

Pilkington Street was a two-way street running through the John McGlashan College campus. Throughout the day, many students travel across Pilkington Street to and from classes and the boarding house. During afternoon pickup time, parents picking up students fill the street, often double-parking and blocking the road. With many students still crossing the road, safety issues were frequently reported. The intersection of Pilkington Street and Balmacewen Road also posed safety problems due to limited visibility for drivers exiting Pilkington Street.

How the project responded

Dunedin City Council (DCC) discussed options with the college and gathered traffic count and travel data on the surrounding network. Public consultation was then carried out with affected properties prior to implementing a three-month trial in October 2017 using the following treatments:

  • paint, flexible bollards, and ‘no entry except cycles’ signage at the intersection of Passmore Crescent and Pilkington Street
  • kerb build-outs at the intersection of Balmacewen Road and Pilkington Street
  • parking removal on the school side of Pilkington Street
  • conversion of most parallel parking to angle parking on the boarding house side of the street.

The changes were designed to:

  • one-way Pilkington Street from Balmacewen Road to Passmore Crescent (northbound)
  • limit vehicle conflicts with pedestrians and other vehicles
  • reduce pedestrian crossing lengths at either end of Pilkington Street
  • create 25 more car parking spaces.

Most consultation feedback came from residents of adjacent Grater Street, who thought the changes would more than double vehicle flows along their street. They were assured this would be assessed as part of the trial.

New exit only from Pilkington St at the Passmore Cres intersection

One-way layout with angle parking. Credit: Dunedin City Council.

One-way layout with angle parking

New exit only from Pilkington St at the Passmore Cres intersection. Credit: Dunedin City Council.

What was learned

The key findings were:

  • minimal impact on traffic on the surrounding road network two weeks after the treatments were installed
  • positive comments from residents once the changes had been made.

Trialling the treatments short-term was seen as making the changes more palatable to residents who disagreed with them, while collecting relevant before-and-after data was crucial for demonstrating the impact of the changes.

The decision was made following the trial to install the changes permanently, however, funding has not yet become available to do so, so the trial version remains in place.