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All notifiable accidents and incidents associated with the operation of a rail vehicle, the use of the railway infrastructure or the use of railways premises require a Rail accident/incident notification form to be submitted to the Transport Agency within three working days.

Prior to that, for all serious accidents and significant incidents, immediate phone notification (as soon as practicable) is required. Details of these types of incidents are provided in the table below.

Immediate notification requirements

The table below provides details about the incidents that require you to immediately notify the Transport Agency on 0508 7245 555 (after emergency services have been called).

Note: Any incident likely to generate immediate or intense public interest or concern should also be notified immediately.




  • Whenever there is a death or serious injury
  • Any ongoing emergency situation where there is a risk of death or serious injury
  • Whenever there is significant property damage (ie >$200,000)


  • Any collision involving a rail vehicle with passengers on board
  • Any collision involving freight services on the NRS
  • Any collision between a rail vehicle and a road vehicle

Dangerous goods

All incidents involving the release of dangerous goods


  • Derailments involving any rail vehicle with passengers on board
  • Derailments involving freight services on the NRS


  • Any fire not caused by a dynamic brake grid
  • Any fire that immobilises a locomotive
  • Any fire, smoke or fume event on a passenger service

Runaway rail vehicle

  • Partings involving any rail vehicle with passengers on board
  • Partings involving freight services on the NRS

Safe working rule or procedure breach

  • Any incident where track workers, train control or locomotive engineers failed to adhere to track safety rules and placed track workers at risk of serious injury or death
  • Where a train or terminal controller has issued a movement order that put a rail vehicle in conflict with another rail vehicle’s authorised route


Where a rail vehicle has entered a work site without permission