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Data is increasingly important in underpinning the New Zealand transport sector’s approach to consistent levels of service, asset management and investment decision making.

The Road Efficiency Group (REG) is working hard to help the sector improve the quality of our transport related data to support effective evidence-based decision making and lift investor confidence.

The objectives

The objectives of the DQP are to:

  • establish a framework to measure, monitor and report data quality across Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) over time
  • establish a data quality baseline for each RCA, establishing a national perspective of data quality across RCAs, different quality dimensions and data types
  • gain an evidence-based understanding of the root causes of the data quality issues
  • develop work programmes to address the issues and help RCAs improve data quality over time.

The approach

The DQP has been separated into three phases of focus as follows:

Phase 1: 2018/21 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) One Network Road Classification (ONRC) and related performance measures (limited to RAMM data).

Phase 2: Road Asset Management and Decision Support Systems related data. Interrogation of RAMM data for network, asset inventory, maintenance activity and traffic demand. Plus, interrogation of RCA data from the NZTA Transport Investment Online (TIO) and RAMM to compare pavement and resurfacing renewal achievements vs as-built asset inventory.

Phase 3: Data required for the new ONRC performance measures for the 2021/24 NLTP and selected 2018–21 NLTP input measures.

Assessment philosophy

For 2017/18, a framework consisting of 63 metrics has been adopted to assess the national and each RCAs data quality.

The data quality of each RCA is assessed annually and reported in terms of ONRC and asset management. For each metric the RCAs result is compared against the distribution of all RCAs across New Zealand and the expected standard.

The metric framework developed interrogates the data that underpins the reported ONRC Performance Measure results and supports our decision-making processes. Each metric has been selected to test a cross-section of the data looking at data quality in terms of accuracy, completeness and timeliness.

The intent is for the results to flag potential issues with how the data is being collected, managed and maintained. Further analysis is required on those results not at the expected standard to determine what action (if any) is required. The focus of this should be at the root cause, rather than simply correcting the record.

View annual RCA data quality reports

Data quality framework example

AM data quality results short

Asset Management and Decision Support System data quality (phase 2)

ONRC PMRT – Data quality functionality

Using the ONRC Performance Measures Reporting Tool (PMRT) data quality functionality RCAs can learn more about the quality of their roading data, where it is excellent and where it can be improved.

The annual ONRC and Asset Management data quality results are within the ONRC PMRT and functionality has been added so RCAs can interrogate their annual data quality results through a dashboard and access data quality metric information such as the RAMM SQL scripts to identify records to improve.

Data quality metrics results can be recalculated whenever you import your data from RAMM part-way through the year. This means you can easily check your progress in the Data quality metrics and identify remaining areas to improve. As some results cannot be calculated part-way through the year, some metrics will not show results.

Information about each metric contained in the metric library resource [XLSX, 52 KB] is also accessible via the Data Quality descriptions section of the PMRT. This includes the RAMM SQL and Exception SQL to find the records that may have issues. These should be used to uncover gaps in processes and information, not to only fix the symptom.

During 2019 the annual national data quality results generation and RCA reporting are transitioning to PMRT for 2018/19 results onwards. The annual publication of RCA reports via online PDF reports on the REG website will be replaced by static annual reports only available from within PMRT and high-level results for each RCA will be published online.

Learn more about the ONRC PMRT data quality functionality [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Access the ONRC Performance Measures Reporting Tool (PMRT)(external link)