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Asset Management and Decision Support System data quality

The asset management and decision support data quality assessment generates an annual Road Controlling Authority (RCA) report, like the One Network Road Classification (ONRC) report, consisting of 32 metrics.

Reports have been produced for 2016/17 and 2017/18. View the annual asset management data quality reports for each RCA.

The 2016/17 prototype report released in June 2018 and 2017/18 draft report used at the R15 workshops generated a lot of very helpful feedback from the sector and we have made several major enhancements to the metrics and report structure.

Key changes include:

  • Updating of dimensions to be consistent with the ONRC report and definitions. This included rationalising the dimensions removing the previously reported usability and consistency
  • Slackening of the grade ranges for metrics AM-Fp1, AM-Dr1, AM-SW1, AM-Si1, AM-Ra1, AM-Ra2, AM-RW1, AM-RW2 and AM-MA1.

Changes to the asset management data quality framework and/or metrics for each report version are described in the change register. View the metric change register [XLSX, 47 KB]

View the national annual asset management data quality results.

DQP results example

Calculating the score

The asset management data quality report includes an overall ‘score’. The purpose of the ‘score’ is to indicate the quality of available data in the asset system to support investment and decision-making processes, weighted by a level of importance.

The ‘score’ result is out of a maximum of 100. It is derived from the RCA’s individual results for each metric that are applicable, and reported, on their data. It is a weighted score based on the level of importance of each metric. High importance metrics contribute the greatest, then moderate and low contribute the least. A score of 100 is achieved by having all metric results at the expected standard level.

Score calculation detail [PDF, 130 KB]

AM data quality score