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There are a range of complex underlying issues contributing to poor data quality.

Data quality sector survey

In 2018, REG developed a survey for the sector to gain a greater understanding of the root causes for inconsistent data quality to support the development of a sector-wide improvement programme.

The following common themes affecting data quality were identified:

  • the impacts of poor-quality data is not widely understood
  • lack of resources and competency across the sector
  • minimal sector guidance on what data to collect, to what level, why and how to do it.
  • data is currently not valued or considered a priority.

REG is very pleased with the quality and openness of the responses received, and shares thanks with the 130 respondents who took the time to complete the survey.

Download the survey results [PDF, 1.2 MB]

One Network Road Classification (ONRC) improvement programme (phase 1)

The ONRC phase has also involved analysis to understand the root causes of poor results and potential areas for improvement for the sector and RCAs. This identified the primary root causes of poor data quality as follows:

  • lack of industry understanding or guidance around the management of key datasets
  • poor processes for the timely collection and recording of maintenance and renewal activity
  • missed opportunity through ‘doing what always has been done’.

The subsequent ONRC improvement programme (phase 1) is helping RCAs move their data quality towards the expected standard. This includes development of eight practice overview documents:

2019 Road asset management improvement programme (phase 2)

The results of the new 2017/18 data quality reports along with the data quality survey results has supported the development of an improvement programme focused on guidance and case studies.

2017/18 data quality reports
Data quality survey results [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Guidance and case studies

Guidance is being produced to help RCAs improve their data quality for their 2021/31 AMPs as follows:

What When

1.  Updates to practise overviews:

2.  New practise overviews:

3.  A metric library that provides detail about each data quality metric (second release to follow at IPWEA).

Published March 2019
Released at RIMS Forum 20–21 March 2019

4.  New guidance

5.  A metric library that provides detail about each data quality metric, now including: metric purpose, consequence of poor-quality data, potential reason(s) for not being at the expected standard unique to this metric.

Published June 2019
Released at IPWEA, 26–28 June 2019

6.  New guidance and case study

7.  A combined metric library and change register for the 2018/19 assessment and reporting via PMRT.

Published December 2019

8.  Upcoming new guidance (subject to change):

  • Data requirements for key asset management deliverables
  • Achieved surface life analysis
  • Data maturity index to assess an organisation′s capability
  • Maintenance activity standard unity practice (provisional).
Scheduled by end of June 2020

9.  Upcoming case studies showcasing guidance and improvement (approx. 6, subject to change):

  • Actions taken by RCAs to address issues in data quality
  • What has been done to achieve some of the best results across all the RCAs
  • Reveal what some RCAs are doing to have significantly improve their results.
Scheduled by end of June 2020