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One Network Road Classification (ONRC) data quality

The data quality of each Road Controlling Authority (RCA) has been assessed and results are reported annually against the distribution of all RCAs across New Zealand and the expected standard.

To assess the 2018/21 ONRC data quality, a framework consisting of 31 metrics has been implemented for the 2017/18 reports.

ONRC data quality reports

Annual reports have been produced for 2014/15 onwards. 2016/17 included a comparison with the State Highway network. View the annual ONRC data quality reports for each RCA.

RCAs were provided with draft copies of their 2017/18 ONRC report for the R15 workshop. Based on the sectors feedback several significant changes have been made to the metrics and the 2017/18 report. Key changes include:

  • Retiring of metrics Su1, Ro2, TC2 and TC5
  • Updating of the traffic count metrics to include both the sealed and unsealed network
  • Updating of dimensions to be consistent with the Asset Management report and definitions
  • Su3 updated to report for surfaces associated with Work Category 212 and 214 activities only
  • Reporting of Su4 for the first time.

Specific changes to the ONRC data quality framework and metrics for each report version are described in the change register. While the changes for 2017/18 have a significant effect on the comparability with past results the current metrics better assess data quality. View the metric change register [XLSX, 47 KB]

View the national annual ONRC data quality results.

Data quality comparison example