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Data quality metric library

This resource provides detail about each data quality metric. For each metric the following information is provided: metric reference, report, category/sub-category, expanded description, data/tables interrogated, specific exceptions, dimension, asset management importance, grade ranges, purpose, consequence of poor-quality data, potential reason(s) for not being at the expected standard unique to this metric, data quality metric RAMM SQL, record by record exceptions RAMM SQL.

Data quality sector survey results

REG developed a survey for the sector to gain a greater understanding of the root causes for inconsistent data quality to support the development of a sector-wide improvement programme.

ONRC data quality reported metric change register

Changes to the ONRC data quality framework, metrics and reports are outlined in the change register.

ONRC PMRT – Data quality functionality

This resource demonstrates how by using the ONRC PMRT Data Quality functionality RCAs can learn more about the quality of their roading data, where it is excellent and where it can be improved.

Asset Management data quality reported metric change register

Changes to the Asset Management data quality framework, metrics and reports are outlined in the change register.

Asset management data quality report – score calculation

The asset management data quality report includes an overall ‘score’. The purpose of the score is to indicate the quality of available data in the asset system to support investment and decision-making processes, weighted by a level of importance.

Smart buyer self assessment

This assessment is based on the Smart Buyer Principles identified in the Road Maintenance Task Force Report.

Road maintenance procurement: delivery model selection guidelines

These guidelines present a selection matrix of key client drivers to help RCAs determine a preferred road maintenance delivery model. If, after using the guidelines, you discover that you need a new delivery model, the following examples from around the country may assist as a starting point when designing your RFP/RFT.

HMEP Toolkit for selecting road maintenance delivery models

The Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) Toolkit delivery model.

REGional workshop 1: The sector helping the sector

The purpose of the workshop was to support the sector in defining what successful
implementation of the the ONRC, Customer Levels of Service (CLoS) and Business Case Approach (BCA) looks like and how to achieve it. (July 2015)

REGional workshop 2: The business case approach (BCA)

The purpose of the workshop was to increase understanding of the business case approach in transport decision making. (November 2015)

REGional workshop 3: Business case approach and ONRC online reporting tool

The purpose of the workshop was to increase RCA understanding of what it will take to develop a business case approach activity management plan (BCA AMP) and how using ONRC data can help inform decision making.

REGional workshop 4: Strategic case and Point of Entry (PoE)

The purpose of the workshop was to reinforce RCA understanding of using the business case approach (BCA) in activity management planning (AMP) and the performance reporting tool.

REGional workshop 5: Customer levels of service and engaging with stakeholders

The purpose of this workshop was to improve understanding of the ONRC Customer Levels of Service (CLoS) outcome measures and support improved engagement and communications.