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Cycle safety is more important as we get older. For older people, there is greater risk of injury if they have a crash, even a minor crash, while out cycling.

Cycling safety tips

  • Be visible to other road users and pedestrians – wearing high-vis clothing can help others to see you. It is also a legal requirement to have lights and pedal retroreflectors on your bike when cycling at night or when visibility is poor.
  • Protect yourself. Always wear a helmet – this is the law and reduces the risk of head injury if you're involved in a crash.
  • Show drivers what you plan to do in plenty of time. Always look and signal before you start, stop or make a turn. Make eye contact with drivers and let them know you've seen them.
  • Ride decisively. Maintain a predictable riding line and clearly signal your intentions.
  • Where possible use cycle lanes, paths, and stopping areas for cycles at traffic lights.

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