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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) services update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our offices are closed to the public. More information on our services

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Partnering with police

NZ Police officers work to keep our roads safe every day of the year. Their involvement is a major part of our advertising campaign strategy.

More information on road policing can be found on the NZ Police website(external link).

Police enforcement

NZ Police works with Safer Journeys partners(external link) to create road system which is increasingly free of serious injuries and deaths.

The advertising campaign supports police efforts to deter risky driving behaviour.  While targeted publicity increases awareness, the reality of police enforcement and ‘getting caught’ is a strong incentive for drivers to change their behaviour.

Changing attitudes

The chances of being caught for risky behaviour such as speeding, drink-driving and failing to wear safety belts are very high. However, police can’t be everywhere all of the time. That’s why we all have a role to play in keeping the roads safe, whether it is driving at or below the speed limit, stopping a drunk driver from getting behind the wheel, reporting instances of dangerous driving, or simply making sure you plan your journey and drive fresh so you reach your destination safely.

Police enforcement, combined with Safer Journeys advertising and education encourage responsible driver attitudes. All road-users can make personal decisions that save lives and prevent serious injuries on our roads.