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Why are these improvements needed?

On average five people die, five people are seriously injured, and there are 238 reported near-miss incidents at railway level crossings each year.

By delivering a range of low cost improvements to railway level crossing sites, we can improve the safety of road users and pedestrians using these crossing.

Where are the level crossing safety improvements being made?

We have work underway on eight sites around New Zealand. We are still working through the process to determine which other level crossings will be upgraded, as we want to ensure that the investment is made into those improvements which will make the biggest difference to safety outcomes.

Why are we making improvements at these particular crossings?

We’ve selected level crossings for improvement based on a range of information including:

  • deaths, or documented near misses
  • the location of the crossing relative to the state highway network
  • sites where a long vehicle may be forced to stop over the tracks. This is known as ‘short stacking’ and can be due to a queue of traffic, or a red light, give way or stop sign at an intersection just over the crossing.
  • where a local road, rail line and state highway intersect, creating risk for heavy vehicles which may not have enough clearance to safely get off a state highway if required to stop
  • existing safety measures in place for vehicles and pedestrians
  • proximity of level crossings to corners and intersections
  • speed limits on the section of road.

How noisy will the work be?

Heavy machinery may be used to make some of these crossings safer. We’ll do our best to keep noise to a minimum and will give locals as much notice as we can about when any work is planned. Most of these upgrades can be completed in a weekend or two.