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Apply for access to the Crash Analysis System (CAS)

Complete the form below to request access to the Crash Analysis System (CAS).

Before you apply:

  • view the CAS online data, information and tools. You'll only need to apply for access to CAS if this information does not meet your needs.
  • we encourage you to discuss your proposal with us prior to completing the application. Early discussion of your proposed research will help ensure the application is processed as quickly as possible.
  • note that the Transport Agency is collecting personal information relating to you to enable it to assess your application for access to CAS data. This information will only be disclosed to Transport Agency staff responsible for determining applications.
  • if direct access to the CAS is approved, you will need to sign an agreement for access and use of information. 

If you require assistance with your application please email us at


Organisation/individual applying for access

What is your purpose in applying for access to the Transport Agency Crash Analysis System?

Please select all that apply.

Please note that you may only use CAS data for the purposes listed above.


Indicate if you require the following personal or vehicle information

  • Personal information comprises one or more of the following which if used in combination may identify an individual: full name, date of birth, street address not including the suburb and city, phone number, driver licence number.
  • Vehicle information comprises a vehicle registration number.

Do you require personal information about a person or people involved in a crash?
Do you require information that identifies the vehicle(s) in a crash?
Do you require access to the narrative provided by the Police describing what happened?
Do you need to see other narratives (e.g. driver and eyewitness statements)?

Why do you intend to use CAS?

Dissemination of data

Other information