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The context – what New Zealanders think

The NZ Transport Agency commissioned research to understand what New Zealanders think and say about speed, roads and speed management. The research identified some strong themes about community perceptions and has informed the Transport Agency’s approach to engagement.

You can view the key research findings in the programme toolkit. We have also included research insights in each of the three engagement sections of this handbook. Tools and resources to help in the formal consultation process have been provided as well.

For meaningful insight into how road risk and speed are being reported in the media, subscribe to Better Conversations on Road Risk Media Insights(external link).

Who to engage with

There are three main groups to engage early and often. Each have different interests and requirements, and you will need to tailor your engagement to suit them. The groups are:

  • Community: the people most affected, including local businesses, residents, or commuters.  Think beyond specific neighbourhoods to those who frequently use the road such as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Stakeholders: people in your region who are interested in speed management and road safety. This includes staff within your own organisation, local Police, community groups, your mayor and councillors, public health and emergency professionals, local MPs, and special interest groups
  • Media: journalists in your community or broader region. While most media report on road safety, the strongest interest in speed management initiatives generally comes from smaller, community-based media

The following pages contain guidance on how to engage with each of these groups, and meet their specific needs.


What about formal consultation?

Engagement helps create a supportive environment within which to undertake your formal consultation requirements under the Setting of Speed Limits Rule 2017(external link). The Engagement Handbook focuses on engagement, not formal consultation, for which there are separate requirements.

The following tools and resources are available to assist with your formal consultation process:

If you need help your regional point of contact for the Speed Management guide is:

Who to contact for support

If you need help with engagement in your region, or have any questions, you can contact:

NZ Transport Agency
Speed Management Guide – Technical

Iain McAuley
04 894 6440

NZ Transport Agency
Speed Management Guide - Engagement
Janette Williams
07 958 7238

You can also contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor, listed above, if you have any questions.