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Pallet Jack Injury



Barrier Team operations in the tunnels had required the use of a hand pallet jack to move pallets and skip bins of waste concrete generated by the works. The barrier crew had reached a 300m portion of work done previously and needed to ‘leapfrog’ past that section, uphill, to the next section of work near the Northern portal in Tunnel 1. This created a series of movements of equipment past the 300m section, this involved plant, vehicles and movement on foot. The injured party, one of the barrier crew, chose to travel back to the finished work area by travelling on the pallet truck like a scooter. The direction of travel was downhill on smooth asphalt, and the pallet truck got up to an estimated 15km/h, when the injured party attempted to slow down he lost control and spilled off the pallet truck, upon hitting the asphalt the injured party’s left forearm was broken, this has resulted in surgery requiring two plates to be inserted in his arm. Members of the team had an opportunity to say something and stop the unsafe act.